Professional Training

Professional Art Training

Production is a growing industry. Studios & Companies are in a big need for developing skills, maintaining & upgrading the quality, satisfying costumers & build employees confidence. For that we provide professional live training at work place targeting organisations & companies that are in production field. We believe in learning at any level, any age and any condition. one of the worst things for a work place is looking for the best of the best people in one place, wasting a lot of budget and time, most of the time managers just forget to give employers a chance to develop along with the tight deadlines. We teach fundamental courses like, fundamental drawing, storyboarding, digital painting, lighting, anatomy fundamentals. In addition, we teach advance courses like caricature, character design, advanced anatomy studies, advanced lighting, and a lot more. We would be more than happy to share our experience, thoughts and art philosophies with your team, so don’t hesitate to contact us !